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Top reasons to invest in basement waterproofing in Portland, OR
The basement could be your extra storage room or workshop where you do most things. The basement can give you a quiet room to perform your stuff without disturbance from pets or family members. Nevertheless, basements are susceptible to damage when water sips through cracks between the foundation stones. Most basements experience flooding during heavy rains because of the cracks between the foundation stones or floor. If the issue is not addressed fast, it causes structural property damage or encourages mold growth. The most appropriate solution to prevent basement flooding is waterproofing the room. Read on to understand why basement waterproofing is a worthy investment.
Your family’s well-being must be a top priority when deciding on any investments. The build-up of moisture in the basement motivates mold growth in the house. Research indicates that breathing air contaminated by mold leads to eye irritation, sneezing, allergies, and respiratory infections. Waterproofing the basement will eliminate flooding, meaning you will eliminate excess moisture. Therefore, you will have a healthier family by investing in basement waterproofing.
The price of heating or cooling your home partly depends on the moisture content in the air. If the basement has excess water, it will release excess moisture into the house. HVAC systems will have to work hard to maintain the desired temperature in the rooms. Basement waterproofing seal, the cracks that cause flooding in the basement. Hence, you will save the money needed for repairing HVAC systems and energy costs.
The structural integrity of your home determines how long it will last. Considering the vast resources you have invested in buying or building a house, you never want to lose it after a short period. Basement flooding causes some water to seep through the cracks between the stones in your house, affecting its structure. The challenge is that you may realize that your property’s structural integrity is in danger when it is too late to fix the issue. Waterproofing prevents basement flooding, implying your home’s structure will be safe. The cost of performing a waterproofing project is far much lower than building the home again after structural damage.
You may resolve to sell your home in the future. During a home sale, you want the property to fetch maximum value to get a return on investment. In addition, most home buyers are looking for properties free from moisture and mold growth. A waterproofing project protects your home from mold growth and excessive moisture, making it attractive for investors. Furthermore, basement waterproofing makes your home attractive to many buyers during a sale. Thus, you will require a minimum period to close your property’s sale if you have invested in basement waterproofing.
In conclusion, basement waterproofing will give you benefits such as a higher selling price, protecting a home’s structural integrity, reducing energy bills, and protection from mold growth. Such benefits can be realized when working with professionals on the waterproofing project. Hence, work on getting the best waterproofing company in Portland, OR.

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